Gun safety is a collection of rules and recommendations that can be applied when handling firearms. The purpose of gun safety is to eliminate or minimize the risks of unintentional death, injury or damage caused by improper handling of firearms.

We at Southern Nevada Gun Owners  Do NOT  take firearms safety lightly. We are strong supporters of Project Childsafe, NRA 
Fundamental Rules for Safe Gun Handling, Hunter's Safety and Awareness of America and many other firearms safety groups and organisations. Firearms safety is NO JOKE. When a mistake is made in the handling of firearms, in most cases , there is a fatal outcome. As a responsible gun owner the first thing on your mind should be SAFETY.  Keeping firearms out of the hands of children is YOUR responsibility. Ensuring proper storage,safety, cleaning, education and handling of a firearm is YOUR responsibility. Law enforcement agencies nationwide have to deal with illegal firearms daily. Improper storage of firearms by irresponsible gun owners has led to unaccountable numbers of illegal firearms throughout the United States due to theft. Improper handling and storage of firearms has led to numerous sensless deaths throughout the United States. Be responsible, owning a firearm is a BIG responsibility for a gun owner, live up to it.